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Meet the Author + Illustrator

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Artist, illustrator, + author behind MockingbirdArtist based in Lakeland, Florida. Her latest book,

My Little Mockingbird is available online on Etsy, Barnes and Noble, Amazon,, and locally sold at Pressed Books and Coffee in Lakeland, FL.

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Book Blurb

A little Mockingbird becomes overwhelmed by the noises of the world and learns how to tune its heart to the song of its Creator who sings, "You are loved, you are never alone, and all that was lost is being restored".

Target Audience

The target audience for My Little Mockingbird is children ages 5-9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the name MockingbirdArtist?

A: A Mockingbird reflects and imitates the sounds from its environment. As humans, we do the same thing. We find ourselves constantly bombarded with the noises, opinions, and trends around us. As we take it all in, we let these imitations blend together to create the song by which we live our lives. As an artist, I approach each new canvas and project as a Mockingbird, hoping my creations reflect the beauty of the world around us and help share the truth of the Gospel.

Q: What is the message you want kids to take away from My Little Mockingbird?

A. Even on the days when your world feels small and anxieties creep in, you can ask God to quiet your heart and listen to the melody He sings over you: You are loved (on your best days and your worst), you are never alone (not even for one moment, second, hour or day), and all that was lost is being restored (when all seems lost and dark, you can rely on my light to restore hope and peace on your journey home).

Q: Where can I purchase a copy of My Little Mockingbird?

A. My Little Mockingbird is available online on Etsy, Barnes and Noble, Amazon,, and locally sold at Pressed Books and Coffee in Lakeland, FL.



Bill & Pam Mutz 
Lakeland Mayor + Wife

"What a refreshing story sparking the imagination and positive expectations through the eyes of a Mockingbird. It brings delighted joy to the eyes of young listeners."


Christina Needham
Owner of Pressed Books and Coffee

My family and I love My Little Mockingbird! The story captured my children's attention through the rich colored illustrations and the feelings the Little Mockingbird experiences. We fell in love with the sweet Mockingbird, and in the end, felt the hope of the message behind the story.


Ida Mundell
Access Church LKLD Kids Pastor +
Author of Goodnight Lakeland

A treasure of a book! As a mom of 4 and a Kids Pastor, I wholeheartedly believe that kids long to hear the messages of love and hope whimsically woven throughout this book. What a special gift to share with my family!

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